Better Bath – Relaxation for child and exhausted parents


It is a miracle that she does not dissolve in her bath like a lump of sugar.

It is a miracle that she does not dissolve in her bath like a lump of sugar.

In Mitra’s everyday life, enjoying in the bathtub doesn’t necessarily mean submerging her body in hot water and rubbing her! It gives her relaxation and it gives us benefits of wicking away stress and getting some time for ourselves.

From Mitra’s point of view, being in the bathtub is about relaxation. It is about getting treatment, soothing her sore muscles, having some watermelon, playing with her toys and listening to some music!

From our point of view, when Mitra is in the bathtub it is a mini vacation for us! Having a cup of coffee, letting go and forgetting about the madness of what just transpired that day.

There are also some health benefits. Like anything with those qualities, it can probably be improved upon. We care a lot about Mitra’s health – and how much she enjoys the little things that make life worth living – we owe it to her to take a better bath:)

Bath time is successful when your kids get wetter than you do!

Bath time is successful when your kids get wetter than you do!

Here is how we do it:

Add epsom salts:

Epsom salts contain magnesium sulfate. It is helpful addition to her bathwater, and both can increase serum levels of magnesium when applied to the skin. Epsom salt baths also provide ample amounts of bioavailable sulfate, a hugely important mineral.

Add other salts:

It seems that bathing in Dead Sea salts, also called Tomesa therapy, improved skin hydration, skin barrier function, and reduced skin inflammation in atopic dry skin.

Add essential oils:

Essential oils added to a bath improves Mitra’s sensory experience. We usually use hemp oil and rapeseed oil and sprinkle a few drops where the water hits the bottom of the tub to disperse it, and revel in the herbaceous cloud enveloping her. That alone is worth it.

Add a bit of extra virgin olive oil:

Every so often, I’ll make like the Romans and add a tablespoon or so of really good extra virgin olive oil to the running bath water. When Mitra get out, her skin is covered in a thin layer of EVOO, and toweling off serves to rub it in. This will keep her skin well-moisturized.

PS! Just make sure to wash the bottom of the tub before anyone else uses it. It gets very slick and dangerous.

Happiness is a long, hot bubble bath.

Happiness is a long, hot bubble bath.

Start hotter than you would think:

Bathwater loses heat rapidly. And if it’s truly a little bit too hot for her, it’s easier to achieve the perfect temperature by drizzling cold water into hot than drizzling hot water into cold. Plus, higher temperatures will generally improve absorption of minerals and increase diffusion of scents.

Bubbles, a lot of bubbles:

To make a good bubble bath, I just take some baby shampoo and pour it directly under the bath faucet where the water comes out, and it will churn out the bubbles perfectly.


I usually give Mitra some slices of watermelon when she is in the bath tub. It may sound strange for many people to let the child eat while she is taking a bath but it works well for us. Sometimes she shows me photo of watermelon when she wants to take shower:)

We aim to please….you aim too please…!!

We aim to please….you aim too please…!!

That about sums up my approach to building a better bath for a demanding child. It has served us well, and I think it can be useful for others as well. That said, I am sure I haven’t covered every approach to a better bath and probably need to learn much more myself. What do you do to improve the bathing experience for your child? Thanks for reading!



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