Canada just got its first autism-friendly hotel and it’s awesome

Hotel Port aux Basques

This previously unused staff gym has been repurposed as a quiet, safe retreat for autistic hotel guests.

Having a quiet room while vacationing can have a deep meaning for people with autism, and Hotel Port Aux Basques is the first in the country to offer accommodations specifically designed for those with the condition.

The idea was born “after meeting with some of the parents who described how difficult it was travelling with their children who have autism spectrum disorder,” says hotel owner Cathy Lomond.

The modifications to one of the guest rooms in the hotel, located on Grand Bay Road, involved securing pictures to the wall, placing other items like coffee makers in drawers with safety locks and putting chain locks higher up on doors, to prevent “wanderers” from getting out.

All the hotel’s staff members have undergone training, so they recognize and understand better how to respond to guests on the Autism spectrum, who may have communication challenges or special dietary needs and preferences.

Let’s hope it becomes a trend!

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