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Your happiness is my first priority!

Your happiness is my first priority!

I am the father of a wonderful girl who becomes 6 years old on March 29th. She has severe intellectual disability and is the most wonderful girl in the World. I know that parents of children with special needs can have a demanding life. I have no intentions to write about all the crazy experiences here.

These children may need much more  attention and stimulation than other children. Creating funny, relaxing and safe environments for them is alpha and omega! I use a lot of time to create new things for her well-being at home and want to use this blog to share it with the others. No development can happen without feeling safe and having fun!

For one moment, let us forget all the challenges in life and concentrate on positive experiences with our beloved ones.


Mirtas Hus is the Norwegian for The House of Mitra! And you guess it right: Mitra is the name of my angel:)

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