To Our Dear Beloved Mitra on the Occasion of Your 6th Birthday!

Happy Birthday My Lovely Girl!

Happy Birthday My Lovely Girl!

Birthdays are important for everyone and they need to be celebrated in special ways that focus on your achievements and growth as a person. We feel that it important to tell you just how much you have enriched our lives and shown us the true meaning of unconditional love and determination,

Everyone is special in what they do and what they achieve and you dear daughter have overcome so many difficulties. We know that your pathway has not been easy, but you are strong and have shown great resolution to succeed in the face of challenges that have come your way.

The day we bought you home from hospital was probably the happiest yet scariest day of our lives. You suffered so much in hospital from complications and recovered well from the operations, yet we were fearful that you would become ill again.

Over time you have taught us may things; you have taught us patience; you have given us the treasured gift of unconditional love; you have shown us fortitude and a will to succeed even when things may seem to be overwhelming; above all you have taught us happiness.

This birthday is so very significant as in a few months’ time you will start school. Starting school can be big step forward, it can be exciting, yet a bit scary; it can be challenging yet predicable. Education is the chance to learn new things, progress and achieve.

You may feel a little sad to be leaving the Kindergarten that has helped you so very much to feel happy and safe outside of our home. But you are ready to start on the next step in your life and discover even more things to learn about, gain new skills and meet new people.

One of the most exciting things about starting school is learning about other people and hopefully, making new friends. Friendships that start at school will often continue for many years. Through these friendships you will be able to share many life experiences and milestones together,

Your love of music is such a delight to us and we so enjoy your love of playing the piano. We love the way that you share ideas and messages by signing to us or by using photos, it helps us to understand more and more about you every day. It also helps you to share your happiness with us.

Be assured dear daughter that we love you for the wonderful person you are. We love you for the inner strength that you have that has helped you to overcome difficulties and achieve milestones that may seem minor to others. Your fortitude and inner strength will always shine through.

We never want you to feel that you are alone or lonely. We are always here for you. We will always strive to do our very best for you and help you in any way that we can. If you feel happy and safe then we know that you will continue to achieve and develop.

On the occasion of your 6th Birthday, we wish for you a life that is as beautiful as you are; we wish you health; we wish you happiness; we wish you strength; we wish that you are always surrounded by love.

Dear Daughter, you are amazing!

We love you.

You Are My Heart! I Am Your Voice!

You Are My Heart! I Am Your Voice!


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